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Create and Print Your Own Word Search Puzzles

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Design and Play Your Own Word Search Games

'Word Search' is a customisable generator of classic linguistic puzzles in which the solver is required to find all words scattered on a grid. With the 'Word Search' app, you don't just play the game - you create it. All you have to do is set the grid size, enter a list of words, press the button, and our app will automatically create the puzzle. This online tool is suitable for all ages and skill levels with its adjustable difficulty settings. Beginners can start with simpler word-searching grids, while experienced players can challenge themselves with more complex layouts.

Our puzzle maker is ideal for those who want to make learning engaging. Teachers can enter vocabulary lists or subject terms to create words-searching puzzles to match lesson plans. By solving each puzzle, students will be able to improve vocabulary and pattern recognition skills.

Generate, Print, and Play

Play solo to beat your own records or compete with friends and family to see who can find all the words the fastest. Word Search is a fantastic way to spend time together while sharpening your language skills. Get started today and discover endless possibilities for entertainment and learning!

Word Search