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Convert RAR to PDF for free

Ensure cross-compatibility of your RAR files by converting them to PDF with high speed.

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Convert RAR files to PDF using Free Online Converter

Combine all the contents of a RAR archive into a single, easy-to-read PDF document online. Free RAR to PDF Converter app is a perfect tool that enables you to work with both formats in a seamless, efficient manner. With support for RAR batch processing and cloud-based storage integration, you can boost productivity and save time. The cutting-edge RAR to PDF conversion engine ensures that the output PDF files will be of the highest quality.

Don't waste time manually extracting files from RAR archives and copying them into a PDF document. Take advantage of our RAR to PDF Converter app, available online on desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, to effortlessly export the contents of a RAR archive to PDF format anytime. Just upload your RAR archive, set PDF conversion options, and press the button. Once RAR to PDF conversion is completed, you can download the result or share a download link via email.

Convert RAR to PDF using Free Archive Converter

Converting RAR to PDF provides the flexibility and convenience needed for today's digital workflow. Combining a collection of related files such as user manuals or technical documentation into one PDF document can make them significantly easier to navigate and read, as it eliminates the need to switch between different files or applications. Similarly, if you have a collection of images stored in a RAR archive, exporting them to PDF format can allow you to create a presentation that is easily shareable with others.

Create PDF from RAR online

Keeping customer data safe and confidential is our top priority, and we take all necessary measures to ensure its security. Our servers automatically delete all customer files within 24 hours of conversion.

Eliminate file format compatibility issues that can slow you down. Try our RAR to PDF Converter app today and benefit from the practicality of converting RAR to PDF online. You can count on our support team to assist you whenever you need it.

How to convert RAR to PDF

  1. Upload RAR files you want to convert to PDF format.
  2. Set operation parameters to get the converted PDF that meet your requirements.
  3. Click the button to convert RAR to PDF online.
  4. Save the output PDF to your device immediately.
  5. Or email the download link, but remember to use it within 24 hours.


How can I convert RAR to PDF for free?

Just use this online converter to get PDF from RAR in an instant.

How many RAR files can I convert at a time?

You can convert up to 10 RAR files simultaneously.

Is it necessary to create an account to use your service?

No, you do not need to create an account to use our service.

Is there a limit to the file size I can convert?

The maximum file size allowed is 10 MB.

How can I get the converted PDF files?

Click on the 'Download' button to get your PDF files immediately. If you wish, we can also send a download link to your email address.

For how long are my files retained on your servers?

Once the conversion process is completed, your source RAR files will be deleted from our system immediately. The output PDF files will be stored on our servers for 24 hours (so you can download them without haste), after which they will be automatically deleted too.

Can you guarantee that RAR files I upload to your conversion service and receive as a result are secure and safe?

Our company takes security and the protection of user data very seriously. We store your RAR, PDF files on secure servers and ensure that they are safeguarded against any unauthorized access.

How long does RAR to PDF conversion typically take? What may cause the operation to exceed the estimated time?

Convert times vary depending on the size and complexity of RAR files, as well as server load. Due to the re-encoding and re-compression of data required during the operation, transforming large RAR files to PDF format can take some time.